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Let me brief you, Tri-fold Yoga is not a Typical Yoga Studio, but a Medium of Addition, and Addition of Values in your Life, which makes you VALUABLE.

You need Health to enjoy your Life, You need Money to run your Life smoothly, and you need Knowledge to know the Reality. TY is the medium by which you can add three essential values (Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom) in your Life, so that you can enjoy your Life in full fledge. 

TY offers you Multiple Courses of learnings, which you can choose as per your needs and interest, and wishes you best of Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

Happy Learning | Stay Tuned | Stay Blessed 

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TY Wellness

  • Short Term Yoga Course
  • Short Term Meditation Course
  • Exclusive Breath 2 Meditation
TY wealth

TY Wealth

  • Personality Development Course
  • Video Super Star Course
  • English Speaking Course
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TY Wisdom

  • Gita Course
  • Vedanta Course
  • Language & Others 

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TY | Addition of 3 essential values in your Life

Yoga & Meditation
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Knowledge & Behavior

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