Acharya Param

Founder, Tri-fold Yoga

Also known as Radhe Shyam Thakur a Freelance Professional, offering Value Added Services i.e. Yoga, Meditation, Satsang, Bhajan, Katha etc. which are useful and helpful to make the people Valuable.
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An Eight Day Journey of Self Realization

Vision | Mission | Strategy

His Vision

Yoga is not only a set of postures and kriyas but also an art of living a Successful Life.

His Mission

To educate the people about the Real Yoga for the betterment and advancement of their Life.

His Saying

A Successful Life is a harmony between two extremes, i.e. up & down, profit & loss, happiness & sorrow…

His Strategy

One Point Solution, i.e. Tri-fold Yoga.

Tri-fold Yoga is not a Typical Yoga Studio, but a medium of addition of essential values in the human life, which make them a valuable. It’s not an Exercise or Kriyas, but a Science of Harmony between Body and Mind, and reveal the Soul remains hidden and invisible. 

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