Tri-fold Yoga (TY)

Medium of Addition | Addition of Values

TY | Terminology~Ideology~Methodology

TY Terminology

The term Trifold stands for 3 aspects, in which two are visible and third one remains invisible between two visible ones.

TY Ideology

The idea of TY is to add 3 essential values (Wellness, Wealth & Wisdom) in the human life, which make them a valuable.

TY Methodology

BBM stands for Breath-Body-Mind, LAE for Learning and Earning, and KAB for Knowledge and Behaviour….

TY | Addition of Values

acharya param

TY Wellness

  • Short Term Yoga Course
  • Short Term Meditation Course
  • Exclusive Breath 2 Meditation
TY wealth

TY Wealth

  • Personality Development Course
  • Video Super Star Course
  • English Speaking Course
Founder TFY

TY Wisdom

  • Gita Course
  • Vedanta Course
  • Language & Others 

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